Hardwood door renovation

The customer assumed that the front door to their property needed to be replaced. I was keen to renovate the door as all joints were sound and there were no signs of rot. Being a 36 inch wide door a replacement of similar design would be in the region of £1000. After removing the various bitsContinue reading “Hardwood door renovation”

Replicating a garage door in a conservation area.

I had to replicate this set of garage doors as it is in a conservation area of Southampton so aesthetically the same although the construction method employed differs from the original. One of the issues that arise from traditional board faced doors often using TGV is that the boards will move substantially during periods ofContinue reading “Replicating a garage door in a conservation area.”

Rebuilding a Victorian Style door.

This door was almost beyond saving indeed at one point I thought is it really worth it.  The glazing had not been installed with adequate sealants so the rain had penetrated behind the beading at the base of the glass and the result as you can see was extensive rot   to the middle rail. ThisContinue reading “Rebuilding a Victorian Style door.”

Replacement beading to exterior doors.

These doors in essence are in good condition. Indeed the french doors are handmade from Burmease Teak -probably the most robust of all timbers but alas no longer available and actually illegal to import into the uk. These are about 30 years old.So the beading has come away from the rebate and the rain is doingContinue reading “Replacement beading to exterior doors.”

Wardrobe doors from Pallet wood

A project undertaken by Suzanne Carr. This will one day be the norm , upcycling materials; in this case pallets into sliding wardrobe doors. Unique and stylish I think this is a brilliant use of reclaimed wood I helped Suzanne with some of the technical issues that arose but apart from doing some machining ofContinue reading “Wardrobe doors from Pallet wood”