Thoughts on a plywood door

If Art is an enhancement of the everyday is this door Art? Feel the surface of the wood and breathe in the smell of wood.  Follow the grain of the wood, the imperfections, the differing tones in the colour and experience the pleasure that comes from noticing these things. Feel that strangely soft surface withContinue reading “Thoughts on a plywood door”

Internal French doors installed in Southampton

Internal French doors. These doors were fitted between a kitchen and lounge, these ‘8 light’ doors let in plenty of light whilst keeping kitchen odours out of the living room. The head –that’s the top part of the frame, had to be thicker than the sides because of the opening height, also the opening wasContinue reading “Internal French doors installed in Southampton”

Changing Your Internal or External Doors

Changing your interior doors will have an immediate impact on the ambiance of your home. Hallways or landings may well be more door than wall for example, where there can be up to six doors in a relatively close space. If you have a dull or darkened hallway, changing the doors will transform this space.Continue reading “Changing Your Internal or External Doors”

Replacement Doors in Southampton

These replacement doors are six panel grained doors with contemporary handles. This style of door is known as a moulded door and comes in a variety of styles: six, four, or two panelled, grained or smooth. You can also get arched-top doors in all sizes from 1ft 8″ to 3ft, in both metric and imperialContinue reading “Replacement Doors in Southampton”

New French Doors in Southampton

This is my latest carpentry project: a couple of french doors in Hemlock wood with laminated clear glass, thus enabling more light to enter into the room. Unique, stunning, individual – these doors are handmade, designed for everyday use, and create a unique feature to your property (no two are the same). They are made in aContinue reading “New French Doors in Southampton”