Hardwood door renovation

The customer assumed that the front door to their property needed to be replaced. I was keen to renovate the door as all joints were sound and there were no signs of rot. Being a 36 inch wide door a replacement of similar design would be in the region of £1000. After removing the various bitsContinue reading “Hardwood door renovation”

Replicating a garage door in a conservation area.

I had to replicate this set of garage doors as it is in a conservation area of Southampton so aesthetically the same although the construction method employed differs from the original. One of the issues that arise from traditional board faced doors often using TGV is that the boards will move substantially during periods ofContinue reading “Replicating a garage door in a conservation area.”

Replacement of a side gate frame

Replacement of a side gate frame reusing the gate, note the lead ‘hat’ on the new frame, this will prevent the top of the frame from rotting again,also i fix the frame about 1/2″ ( 12mm) off the ground so that no moisture can creep up from ground level, these two simple precautions will extend the life of theContinue reading “Replacement of a side gate frame”

Porch repairs in Southampton

This porch was in a sound condition apart from the left hand corner section which was rotten at ground level. The wet rot had also infected the bottom of the door frame by a couple of inches.A little tricky but worth the effort tackling this repair, by doing so the cost of a future replacement of the porch was saved which would have beenContinue reading “Porch repairs in Southampton”