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Exact replica’s were made and fitted to this garage in Southampton. The old doors were made sometime in the 1930s and the customer wanted like for like, the only difference in the method of construction was the way that I fastened the ledges and brace the original being nailed and the nails bent over to clasp the two pieces together, I used a waterproof glue with 40mm brass screws with the screw heads plugged. The originals had two tee hinges per door I fitted three per door.



Replacement of a worn out garage door

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This type of up and over steel garage door is still very popular, and these had seen better days. The garage is of a standard precast concrete type.

The replacement garage doors are off the shelf, I did not manufacture them, and they did need some trimming to fit. A new door frame was also fitted; this needed to be rebated to fit the cast concrete profile. The pad bolts have large handles for ease of use, a standard 5 lever mortice sash lock and levers were fitted to the leading door.